Real Estate

Real Estate Department

We have many alliance partners (private and business), although our staff is limited but with excellent know-how and skills in this field. We are providing the real estate services to introduce leasehold properties for business use or any type of dealings of real estates for lessor, tenant and seller, including the consultant service to promote effective use of real estate.

For Sales Property

We are seeking the sales propertis of condominium, office building for investment in the area of Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama and a part of Chiba both for private and business purpose. Please contact us, if you have any sales properties. We are pleased to support you and promise your satisfaction.

Fro Leasing Property

We are also, seeking the leasing properties for our alliance partners and many clients who want to have rental store, office, warehouse in the area of Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitame, Chiba and Ibaraki. Please let us have the information of your leasing properties, so that we will be able to support your needs.

New Alliance Partners

We provide you with the consulting services for sell/buy real estates, effective use of idled land and any type of investment for real estates. Please contact us for any inquiry about our business ship as our best alliance partners.

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