Dry-cell micro & wide trimmer

1. This one can trim your hair from head to foot.
2. Using the tip of this is for trimming detail, the rear for trimming wide area.
3. You can trim flexibly with 4 attachments: small one for eyebrows and beard, big one for trimming for equal length.
4. The LED light, built into the trimmer, is useful for cutting details.
5. Easy use anywhere with dry-cell design.
6. Big hit in the US TV shopping, sold 3 million in just in one year.
7. The attachments, 2mm, 4mm and 6mm, are good for women caring of eyebrows.
8. It can also be used for having children’s hair cut.
9. You can save the cost of cut your family cut. 
e.g. (Adult \3,000+child \1,000)×12months =\48,000

<Set items>
②Protective cover
③Attachment × 4
④Cleaning brush
⑤User’s manual

Material: Body / ABS・PC・TPE
Blade / stainless
Attachment / ABS Power: AAA alkaline batteries × 2 (sold separately)

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