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Notice of capital and Business alliance.

The Company has reached a basic agreement on a capital and business alliance between SAGASU CO.,LTD
They are as follows.

1.Overview of the business alliance
   Business alliance in the real estate business and Restaurant business

2.The contents of the capital tie up
  SAGASU CO.,LTD underwrite some 400 shares of the Company’s stocks.
      (Ratio of total number of issued shares:20.00%)



We renewed our homepage.

This time, our website is entirely renewed, we published on April 1.
In the future, it aims to easy to use website for everyone, so we will continue to further enrich the content, Sincerely.


Notice of capital increase.

Thank you for patronage than patronage.
Since we have increased our capital with the March 31, 2015, it announce here.

Capital increase before  JPY 91,000,000
Capital increase after    JPY 100,000,000

We aim to business development and further leap,All the staff of our corporation are willing to further effort.


Notice of change of capital relationship with Sanyo Chemical Co., Ltd.

Our company, since we conducted a purchase on our shares held
by Sanyo Chemical Co., Ltd., we will inform you here.

before Number of shares Sanyo Chemical Co., Ltd. held  714 
Shareholding ratio:39.23)
after   Number of shares Sanyo Chemical Co., Ltd. held   10 
Shareholding ratio:0.5)

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